We create founder-driven content that makes you money.

And distribute it across 15+ channels every day, so that your story is everywhere it needs to be, all the time.
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You know the power of consistent, high quality content. But finding the time, resources, and the perfect strategy? Daunting.

Daily content? Overwhelming.
Where to start? Confusing.
Strategy? A maze of questions.

Making great content is hard, so we keep it simple.

1,100 pieces of content across 15 channels over 6 months. For $6k/mo.

Increase and deepen key relationships.

Leverage your content series as a vehicle to align with key people in your industry. This network become your most valuable asset, drawing in customers, capital, and talent - forever.

It’s like playing business on “easy mode”.

No more complexity.

Content production and distribution is our expertise. We keep the process simple and streamlined, which saves you a lot of time.

Bringing you closer to your customer.

We'll guide you in understanding which Ideal Customer Personas (ICPs) generate the best leads in each channel, and develop a playbook based on our learnings.

From unknown to unforgettable.

We're here to propel you from the shadows into the spotlight, so that you become the go-to expert in your industry. Plus, we're here to ensure that you aren't left behind while other voices rise up.

Delivering leads that matter.

We measure our performance in MQLs and ROI. Your audience won't just be bigger; it'll be more valuable.

Exactly what you get:

At-home podcast studio.

No more scratching your head wondering which camera or microphone to buy.  

We'll order your best-in-class studio equipment (DSLR camera, lighting, microphone) and ship it directly to you. Then, we'll help you set it up.

Weekly podcast.

20 long-form episodes.
We take care of everything, from production to distribution on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube.

Your one-hour episode, our expertise.

Daily clips.

60 short-form video clips.
Pulled from the podcast, we distill high-impact snippets for your personal and company's TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Three clips per week, per platform, maximizing your reach.

Weekly blog post.

20 blog posts.
SEO-fueled content, hosted on your Webflow site or on a new blog page created by us.

Weekly newsletter.

20 newsletters.
Crafted and delivered directly to your audience's inbox via Beehiiv.

Weekly report.

Transparently tracking our achievements, new relationships, expenses, and projected ROI.

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Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to handle any of the production or posting?

No, you just show up for one hour a week. We handle everything from creation to distribution.

Do I need to handle booking guests for my podcasts?

Together, we'll create a list of people in your network for us to start with. We ask that you CC us on an email to those people, and we'll handle all of the booking and prep logistics. After the first few people are booked, we'll take care of attracting and booking the rest of your guests.

How do you produce technical content that is valuable to my audience?

Our entire first month is dedicated to strategy, campaign development, asset creation, market research, etc. through a series of workshops and strategy sessions. Months 2-6+ dedicated to distribution and iteration as we learn and grow.

How is this different from hiring a Head of Content?

We offer a holistic solution, tailored to deliver ROI, without the long-term commitment or high costs (typically $150k+ salary).

How long is the engagement and what does it cost?

Initially, $6k/mo for 6 months.

What platforms will my content be on?

Spotify, Apple, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog, and your newsletter.

Who do you work with?

Seed and Series-A stage founders, VCs, startup studios, and agencies in the tech space.

Who produces your content?

We’ve hired the best producers, content writers, and Emmy-Award winning editors (3,000+ applicants this year) and built a robust process to ensure the highest quality and volume.

Why should I work with you?

You know the power of having your own podcast, newsletter, daily content on social media, and a weekly blog. In 2024, becoming a thought leader is the best way to deepen and strengthen key relationships with customers, investors, and top-tier talent. But, finding the time and resources to produce and distribute all of this content every day is extremely daunting. So we do it all for you. All you need to do is show up for one hour a week to record your episode, and we take care of everything else, including booking, recording, editing, and posting.

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